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Side Effects

Side Effects of AWGE include:

Soft stool, unsettled stomach and nausea are the rare side effects from using AWGE.

Other precautions:

Women who are either pregnant or nursing should not consume AWGE. It should not be consumed by people who have had an organ or tissue transplant, for those suffering from bleeding GI ulcers, malabsorption syndrome, gluten sensitive enterophaties (celiac sprue), fructose intolerance or who have hypersensitivity to gluten, wheat germ or any of the components or ingredients of this product or suffering from disorders where the symptoms are aggravated by the over-function of cellular immune response. 

It is recommended to discontinue AWGE usage 2 days before barium X-ray contrast examinations and resume 2 days after the completion of the examination. 

We are not aware of drug to drug interactions apart from Vitamin C and other reducing agents. At least two hours, therefore, must pass between taking AWGE and Vitamin C.

We are not aware of interference with other dietary supplements or special diets. Please consult with a health care professional that specializes in natural and nutritional medicine for a comprehensive protocol of diet, exercise and dietary supplements.


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